Have We Hit Peak Social Media – September Update

Posted on September 30, 2013

You ready for the September update on social media usage? In July and August I expanded upon the work of expandedramblings.com (if you can please pardon the pun) to see how many users the top 25 social media sites have between them and September is no different.

I started keeping track of the top 25 social media sites in July so that, in time, a hopefully useful resource will be formed which may yield some insights into future social media trends.

Social Media Usage September - Facebook Still Top

Social Media Usage September – Facebook Still Top

My take on it is that I think the current iteration of social media is close to plateauing. Undoubtedly there are new social media sites forming on a near daily basis but the real question is will any of them ever grow to any significant size – will any of the current crop of social media platforms ever grow to be the same size as Facebook for example? I think not, and if so, in time we should see a plateauing of social media usage. In any event, I’ll keep track of the figures, knowledge is no burden and all that.

Have We Hit Peak Social Media – September Update

Anyway, without further ado, here are the top 25 social media sites for September.

No.# Name Users (in millions) Comments
1 Facebook 1150 Surely you’ve heard of FB?
2 YouTube 1000 ..ditto for YouTube
3 QQ 825.4 Chinese social media network
4 QZone 611 Chinese social media
5 Sina Weibo 503 Chinese social media site
6 Twitter 500 ..tweet tweet..
7 Google + 343 Expect to see this figure much bigger next month
8 Tagged 330 probably should have heard of this one
9 LinkedIn 238 Social media network for business
10 WeChat/WeiXln 235 Originally Chinese, now global
11 Line 230 Japanese study social network
12 Tumblr 216 They see me tumblin’, they hatin’
13 Gree 190 Japanese social media, sushi pic heaven
14 Renren 178 Chinese real name social network
15 Badoo 172 Russian owned, dating social network
16 Instagram 150 No meal is complete without it
17 Youku Toudou 130 Chinese YouTube
18 VK.com 100 Russian social network site
19 Netlog 84 Founded in Belgium, now global social media network
20 MyHeritage 75 Family orientated social network
21 Pinterest 70 Pin the tail on the..
22 Odnoklassniki 65.3 Russian social network
23 MyLife 63 Social media site aggregator to find friends
24 Ask.fm 60 Social media site that’s always in the news
25 ClassMates 55 School based social network

Now, for those of you who weren’t born with Rainman like arithmetic skills, the social media user base for the top 25 sites for September is 7.594 BILLION which is 104 million less than in August, a -1.3695% change. In total there were 251 sites featured on the Expanded Ramblings page which combined had 18.393 BILLLION users. That’s a lot of users but it’s the first time in 3 months that there has been a dip in growth for the top 25 social media platforms.

Will it be higher or lower for October? Comment below and would love to hear your views on whether or not you think social media is near it’s peak?

Note: These social media usage figures are based on the work done by ExpandedRamblings. It isn’t easy to get accurate and verified stats and so some of the social media stats might be a bit off.

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