WordPress Site Launch – HolidayInFuerteventura.eu

Posted on February 4, 2014

The latest and greatest WordPress site to roll out of the production factory is HolidayInFuerteventura.eu – a site which, like the name suggests, is about holidaying in Fuerteventura. This project was a special undertaking for my father and an attempt to drag him, kicking and screaming, into the digital realm so that he can better promote the apartments which he has available to rent.

Whilst developing this site I also worked closely with graphic designer Elena Montes. As we were starting from scratch we needed everything ranging from logo to theme selection to image edits and touch ups. The end result is a logo that incorporates the main features of the apartments (private rooftop terrace) and a site which is bright – setting the tone for what customers have in store when visiting Fuerteventura – lots of bright sun.

The site features a fully functional online booking facility which allows customers choose the dates they’d like to rent the apartment for. The back end of the system then allows the client to contact the customer via WordPress and approve or decline any bookings as well as follow up via e-mail.

WordPress Web Design - Holiday in Fuerteventura Website - Apartment

WordPress Site Launch – HolidayInFuerteventura.eu

The site has was given the usual onsite SEO love that all our sites get and it is already starting to rank for some main keywords. A back linking campaign will have to be undertaken to strengthen rankings and the client has been advised to get active blogging and make the site a hub for information about El Cotillo (the town in Fuerteventura where the apartments are). The first tentative social efforts have also been taken as the first tweets have been sent out.

Often times when people of my fathers vintage take the plunge into the online realm a fair amount of hand holding is initially required until the stabilisers come off. This is par for the course and thankfully with WordPress the stabilisers come off quicker than than with any other CMS.

This site is going to get some PPC advertising in the future as well as it quite tightly focused which should hopefully result in lower CPCs and a better ROI. Watch this space for updates and/or a case study on this and if you’re looking for a holiday in Fuerteventura well, look no further.

Holiday in Fuerteventura

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