WordPress Site Launch : Synoptix.ie

Posted on July 6, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about a WordPress site launch and so I figured why not now? I don’t want any of you great readers out there to think I’ve throttled back on the old WordPress development because I can assure you that is not the case. If anything there seems to be an interesting inverse ratio thing going on, the more sites I develop the less I write about their launches – time has become a scare commodity and so, I best not digress ;)

Synoptix.ie got in touch with us a few weeks back to help them update their site and to improve it’s SEO. They are the Irish experts in Solaris and wanted to be found online for search terms relating to their expertise. For this site redevelopment a lot of the old site content and architecture was scaled back to set up a framework for pillar pages. Synoptix have a wealth of knowledge and more Oracle/Linux/Solaris qualifications than you can shake a big stick at and as such by using their knowledge to create targeted SEO focused posts their site will have the ability to thrive.

WordPress Site Launch : Synoptix.ie

The Synoptix site is geared towards making the phone ring for the business and as such there are lots of prominent calls to action to get potential customers to contact them. The site itself has a streamlined nav and only a few pages which should make it easy for customers to get the info they need about Synoptix.ie.

From the client side of things it was great to work with Niall and his team at Synoptix. They have a lot of skills which translate well to the WordPress world and as such I’m sure that this site will deliver for them.

Anyway, just a short and sweet update on one of the latest WordPress site launches for Synoptix.ie – and now, back to the grind, more sites to develop.. If you want one, get in touch!

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