Metabolic Fitness Site Launch & A Glowing Review!

Posted on June 23, 2015

Here at RRHQ we’ve been busy, really busy. Since this year has kicked off it’s been non stop rock’em sock’em robots style WordPress development as it’s literally been one project after another (or, more accurately, 5-10 projects in various stages of development at all times) which is really great. I’m approaching the 2 year mark of running this site and doing web dev full time and I’m delighted with how things have been going, viva WordPress and viva SEO I say. And, viva site launches like this new site we’ve done for personal fitness trainers in Dublin City, Metabolic Fitness.

WordPress Site Launch - Metabolic Fitness & A Glowing WordPress Developer ReviewMetabolic Fitness are one of the leading personal trainers based in Dublin City Centre and apply a bit of science and nutrition to their methodology so that their results are life changing and long lasting rather than a fad type diet that shaves a few pounds for a fortnight but then one returns their old habits etc. Anyway, they got in touch with us in a bit of a disaster scenario as their old site was hacked and then taken offline by their host. It was time for a redesign and rebuild, and a quick one at that, and so we sprung into action.

MetabolicFitness Site Launch & A Glowing Review!

Our graphic designer Elena first did the mockups so we had our blueprints to build from. Once they were signed off it was go time for the build and we went at it hammer and tong given the fact that the old site was offline and we didn’t want Google to penalise to heavily. After a week or so of toiling we got the site completed and it looks great. But not only that it also is fully SEO compliant and has some of the latest SEO schema markup for addresses and the likes. This can help greatly when looking to get the Google knowledge panel up in the search results. It’s still early days for the site and it’s SEO but it’s moving the right direction and with some more site content the site should do well.

Dave Peelo, the owner and head personal trainer had the following to say about our web design process:

After previous experience with an unreliable site developer in the past I was delighted with the service from Robert. I found the process very well thought through and professional. If you want a site developer whom you can rely on to do a great job, look no further than Rob and his Team.

All in all this is another nice new site launched that we hope will become an invaluable business tool for Dave and the rest of his time. I’ve received a few recommendations before but it’s always nice to get another one. Anyway, if you need some help with a WordPress project then please get in touch!

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