The Best Weight Based Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce

Posted on June 22, 2015

Have you spent a lot of time looking for the best weight based shipping plugin for WooCommerce? Want a WooCommerce plugin that gives you loads of flexibility for nearly every scenario? Well, happy to report that I think I’ve found the ultimate weight based shipping plugin for WooCommerce. The search wasn’t easy mind you and as a WordPress developer I had to trial lots of other options before finding this solution but now that I have, well, I’ll use it on every WooCommerce site that needs a weight based shipping solution.

We were working on a client site who needed to have weight based shipping for her store products. She sells shoes, jackets, dresses and ladies fashion and so a one size fits all flat rate shipping option wouldn’t work here as there is a large weight (and price difference) in posting a pair of shoes compared to a light summer dress. She also wanted to have different prices for different regions – costs more to send a jacket to the USA than it does the UK for example (Irish based client). Maybe you have a client in a similar scenario or need to sort out the shipping options for your own WooCommerce store? Well, here comes the solution!

The Best Weight Based Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce

The Best Weight Based Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce - Shipping Plugins for WordPress

By far in a way the best weight based shipping plugin for WooCommerce that I have found thus far is, the aptly titled, Weight Based Shipping for WooCommerce plugin. This plugin has an absolute ton of features to deal with any weight based shipping configuration you have. The system allows you to calculate shipping costs based on:

  • Tax Status
  • Handling Fee
  • Shipping Fee
  • Shipping Rate
  • Min Shipping Price
  • Max Shipping Price
  • Extra Weight
  • Weight Step
  • Min Weight
  • Max Weight
  • Min Subtotal
  • Max Subtotal

I’ve done up a short video to give you a better idea of what the backend for the plugin looks like and so you can see how the options work. The reason why I’m doing this is because I’ve spent countless hours looking for a good weight based shipping plugin and now that I’ve found one want to make it easier for you to choose the plugin that will work for you WooCommerce shipping needs.

Weight Based Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce

If you watch the above video you’ll get a good idea of the backend of the weights based shipping plugin and you can see how it renders on the front end with the above screen shot (and yes, I do need 3 waist trainers!). The plugin easily allows for weights based registered and standard shipping which is a really nice feature. It might sound like I’m gushing about this plugin and that’s because I am, I really am – it is just a great plugin. You can check out some other reviews about the plugin here and grab a copy for yourself here.

Ultimately, if you’ve been looking for a solution for weights based shipping with WooCommerce then try this plugin and let me know how you get on. If you’ve found this post useful join my mailing list (in the footer below) and stay tuned for more useful info!

2 Replies to "The Best Weight Based Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce"

  • Abbey
    October 19, 2015 (3:35 am)

    Hi there, I was wondering if this plugin could do something like add $.50 for each additional item? If it can, could you explain how I could set this up? I thought that perhaps this would be set up in shipping class overrides where I can select a shipping class and enter .50 handling fee for every 1lbs weight step but it wasn’t working and perhaps I’m looking at this all wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Alessandro
    October 20, 2015 (10:41 am)

    We are making a startup…Wordpress is our choice…for the low cost of set up.
    We sell to customer shopping forwarding services exclusively and we need to estimate costs to attract them to use our service.
    It is a service similar to
    Is it possible to customize your plugin and have a result like this?
    So basically we need a shipping cost estimator and if customer like the price can buy our service.

    The logic is the opposite of a common e-commerce: you like the cost, you buy the service, so no product in front page except the service.

    Please can you help us?


    Alessandro Fossati

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