Rachel Ball Translations – WordPress Site Launch

Posted on September 26, 2013

Bonjour, ca va? We’ve just completed the WordPress web design project for Rachel Ball and her new French Translations website. Rachel is a French to English, English to French professional freelance translator and got in touch when she needed to get her web site upgraded and improved – and so that’s what we did.

For us this was a nice project to work on as it is a .co.uk domain and ties in nicely with our international aspirations. Furthermore, as Rachel operates in a multi-lingual space, we’re currently cloning and SEO localising a .fr version of the site for her. SEO localisation is something we’re big proponents of here and view it to be a key part of a successful SEO strategy. Rachel saw the value of having two separate sites so stay tuned for another blog post when the French site launches.

Rachel Ball Translations – WordPress Site Launch

The site itself will be easy for Rachel to maintain as she embraced our WordPress Web design process which resulted in her getting a good understanding of how WordPress works as a CMS and how she can update, edit and maintain the site herself. Rachel also took all the photos used on site which shows what a bit of ingenuity and desire to succeed can do. It reminds me of an old quote I came up with a few years back – “nothing is impossible and things are rarely hard – just not instantly easy”

Rachel Ball Translations

Rachel Ball Translations

Rachel was a great client to work with who, as mentioned, really embraced our WordPress design process and the end results show the that the process works. Her site is now much faster than before due to the WordPress upgrades. Also, given its .co.uk domain and UK based hosting, the site should be fruitful for her for lead generation in the main territory that she receives business from.

SEO for her site will be ongoing for the next few days and when the .fr site launches the two of them will be complimentary to each other SEO wise.

Stay tuned for the update on the .fr version of the site but for now, time for me to go and play with the SERPs and 404 redirects on Rachels site – embrace the grind. In the meantime, check out Rachels new site at the link below!

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