Dublin Fashion Week 2013 – Update

Dublin Fashion Festival 2013

Following on from my last post about Dublin Fashion Week 2013 I thought I'd give you a brief, two pronged, update. The first prong of the update is about how the Dublin Fashion Week 2013  project itself is progressing and the second prong is about the power of good on-site SEO. Myself and my website developing compadre Niall launched the DFF.ie site a few weeks back and since then have been helping them out with their SEO and their social ...

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Going Viral?

Posted on August 7, 2013
Going Viral

...if only it was that easy! Share that sh#t ;)  

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Facebook News Feed Update – How You Can Benefit

Facebook News Feed Update

If you've been in the social media world for a while you'll be painfully aware that the Facebook news feed, and the Edgerank algorithm which powers it, have always been, to a degree, a mystery. Social media managers have been able to run tests and approximate how the algorithm works but we've never received anything concrete about the Facebook news feed from Facebook - until today that is. Today Facebook posted their first blog post about ...

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MailChimp Integration for WordPress

MailChimp Integration for WordPress

MailChimp Integration for WordPress can sometimes be a tricky nut to crack. In theory it should be simple as it's just a case of getting some code from MailChimp and dropping it in the right place for your site but often times it can leave you frustrated, scratching your and and wondering "What the deuce?!" If you haven't heard of MailChimp yet then you should check them out. They are one of the biggest providers of mailing list software, ...

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Moto X – Why is Everyone Writing About The Moto X?


The new Moto X from Motorola has been all over social media and the blogosphere in the last few days - perhaps you've seen it? Well, I've been mulling over why everyone has been writing about the Moto X and I'll outline my thoughts below. Undoubtedly the first release of a phone since Google acquired Motorola was always going to be newsworthy. However, the fervor with which it is being blogged and written about, and the rate at which it is ...

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SERP Watch – The SEO Diaries

SEO Diary

I'm all about practicing what I preach and I hope that what I preach is beneficial to you. One of the things I preach about non stop is SEO, or search engine optimisation for those of you that aren't yet a member of the choir. With my new site taking shape I figured there is no better time than now to start The SEO Diaries with this weeks post about SERPs (fyi, SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page). What I'll try to do in these near ...

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“A Ballsy, Brilliant Business Card Design” – that’s what the man said

Business Card Design Front Back

I was a little bit surprised when the guy in the print shop instantly came over to me with my business cards, big happy head on him and said  "A ballsy, brilliant business card design". I was a bit surprised, a tad relieved and felt pretty good about my new business card design. Since this new website and WordPress Development/Social Media Management business has come to life (and, I'll have you know, it is thankfully, quickly, picking up ...

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Have We Hit Peak Social Media?

Have We Hit Peak Social Media

So, true story this, but I recently came across this post on Google+ and it got me thinking - have we hit peak social media? Spurred on by the notion I started the search to find out how many users are on social media sites currently. Most social media managers can all rattle off some of the more popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc but I wanted to get a broader set of data. And, thankfully, expandedramblings.com had a monster ...

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WordPress Plugin – Sharexy

WordPress Plugin - Sharexy

If you are using WordPress then you've probably already come across a WordPress plugin or two but in this quick post I'm going to tell you about a Sharexy, a powerful social sharing WordPress plugin that I'm a big fan of. If you're blogging then you, like me and most other people on the big old tinternet, are doing what you can to divert some traffic to your site or blog so that the masses can read your musings and insights. Getting traffic ...

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Festival Food Ireland

Festival Food Dublin BBQ

With the weather the way it is these days and the masses gathering for music events around the country we reckon one of our recent clients, Festival Food Ireland, are pretty darn busy. WordPress expert and colleague Niall Flynn was contacted by them to spruce up their site with a focus on SEO and making the WordPress site easy to maintain. And you know what, as usual, Niall delivered and then some. The Festival Food Ireland site has been live ...

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